Fabio Volpi_DIES

DOUBLEGLAS is a hybrid form of a performative and installative works, simulating a interactive screen that react to the crystal boxes, creating a multilayer superposition of noise visuals and sound. (2017)

In the next future, the façades of our buildings will be more and more fluid and able to transform their configuration very rapidly, like dancers who follow music or the moment’s mood.

These continuous variations may cause lacerations: to overcome this problem we’ll need to use the Japanese technique of the Kintsugi, which consists in put together separated or broken fragments with liquid gold. This time, however, what keeps the broken sections together is code, which not only repairs, but makes the new faces of the future buildings incredibly precious.

Installation for ledwall facade. Finalist Pixels Fest Ekaterinburg, Russia.

is a tribute to Louis Bertrand Castel, Alexander Wallace Rimington, Bainbridge Bishop, Thomas Wilfred and the others artists inventors of colour organ and to the Visual Music masters. This is my first test. MMO is not a real organ, and the sound obviously is synthesized, MMO is a MIDI connection between a keyboard controller, the applications Modul8, MadMapper and Ableton Live! (with Massive plug-in). The visual representation is a video mapped sculpture, the graphic pattern is related to a specific sound played in real time. Video reactions are connected to the music. For instance, a noise wave changes directly the video distortion, sound intensity changes luminosity, LFO is connected to video flickering, etc.(2018)

MONOC. is a multidisciplinary collective based in Milan. Founded in 2018, the group is formed by 6 performers, a video artist and a sound designer. The founding idea of the collective is to create new artistic projects starting from the union of four main elements: Music, Sound, Image, Object. This video is a presentation of our first project called Timber, an installation inspired by the homonym work for percussion sextet by the minimalist composer Michael Gordon.

La parte visiva prevede la realizzazione di 6 portali alti 4 metri e larghi 2, dove la parte superiore diventa uno schermo in tulle che funziona da spazio di rappresentazione visiva del singolo percussionista. I contenuti sono pattern grafici in movimento che reagiscono al suono cambiando configurazione, intensità luminosa e velocità di scorrimento. (2018)



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